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Department of Basketball Operations


The DBO is charged with the mission of organizing and maintaining high quality basketball learning and playing standards. We’re always looking to create the best situation possible for growth and knowledge in the areas we focus in.

The Ballaxy Academy

The Academy is a 6 week semi-disciplined learning process for beginner or intermediate basketball players who not only need help with their individual skills, but need to learn how to play in a team setting with other kids at their skill level.

Ballaxy Club Teams

We’re offering teams out of 2-4 cities in Orange County, Ca. for now. They practice twice a week and play games 2 weekends out of the month. We run a team first offense that works very well with players that can shoot the ball well and drive to the basket efficiently. While it’s not a requirement, we urge future club members to graduate from our Academy first.

Ballaxy Reserves

While we appreciate every Academy graduate, we understand that everyone doesn’t plan on staying with us forever. So we offer a reserve program that allows you to play somewhere else and still be apart of the club. Reserve members are required to participate in at least meeting per month.

Reserves will invited to Ballaxy Events have an options to play games with us when we need someone to fill in. The reserve program is at no cost to members, they only have to maintain their uniform.

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