Ballaxy Revered

8th Grade

Referral Only(August 1, 2018 – September 30, 2018)

At the Ballaxy Revered stage, members focus on Advanced Shooting tactics, understanding plays, gameplay strategy and compete in home games and outside basketball tournaments. Members will be required to attend and assist in community service and program events.

Goals and Methods

The Ballaxy Revered mission is to prepare members for their careers as student-athletes and to make moral and ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Ballaxy Members Code. Here are a few of our focuses:

  • 3 Point Shooting Mastery
  • Competetive team and individual gameplay
  • Advanced Athletic Development: Speed, Agility & Coordination
  • Self-reliance & Responsibility
  • Focused and dedicated mindset


Members develop their athleticism and sharpen their focusing ability during the basketball and tutoring experience with Ballaxy. They also enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions from out business partners.


Not only do we offer a developmental plan to aid your child’s success throughout their High School basketball careers and beyond. We do it at a price much lower than our competitors. Members pay between $75 and $100 a month depending on package purchased. New members must pay a $100 registration fee. There are no additional fees.

New Member Registration

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