Ballaxy Revered

Ballaxy Revered is our most competitive level. Players are required to be committed to their own success and demonstrate that by showing temperament and basketball proficiency.

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Ballaxy Wave

While everyone wants be the best, you have to start somewhere. The Ballaxy Wave Program helps players that need to focus more on training than games. When a player is ready, they may test to level up.

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Ballaxy Origins

Our Ballaxy Radix program focuses largely on helping players build a foundation of skills and the mental principle that will help players succeed on and off the court.

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Ballaxy High School

BXHS is a Ballaxy Service that provides support to our High School players as they journey through life as a student-athlete. We provide in-season training, travel teams during the offseason, and various programs geared to ensure the success of our members on and off the court.

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