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Inter-City Relations


We understand that everyone could use a helping hand every once in a while as most people do not plan on being down on their luck. That’s why the Ballaxy Inter-City Relations office focuses on homeless intervention, partner relationship, and maintaining a bridge between the communities and businesses in the areas we serve. We want everyone to know that Ballaxy will always be here when you need us.

Homeless Intervention

No one is homeless by choice. There is normally a situation that they were not prepared for that knocked them down and they weren’t in the position to pick themselves back up. We want to be there to help them back on their feet when they need it with information on how to fix their situation.

Community Relations

It’s important to build a solid relationship with the community. We have projects and programs in the works to help strengthen that effort. We aim to be able to handle issues that are unresolved in society.

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