About Us


High level of commitment to our goals.


Inspired to see ourselves develop.


Concentrated on preparing for what’s next.

Mission Statement

The Ballaxy Mission is to prepare young people to make bold and wise judgments throughout life by instilling in them the values of the Ballaxy Bars & Vision.

The Ballaxy Vision

To grow as a dynamic, innovative and development driven provider of basketball service, with our teams as our core focus, while maintaining a commitment to the online and offline communities, in which we operate.

Ballaxy Bars

Through hard work and focus I can accomplish anything.
My goals are never hopeless.
Confidence is what I bring.
I’m getting stronga(stronger),
I’m getting smarta(smarter),
I’m getting fasta(faster).
If you not working with a purpose,
I’m growing pass ya.
We evolving every day,
ain’t gotta talk about it
This ain’t a drawing or a raffle
We from where Luck don’t(doesn’t) exist
There’s only the grind
Gotta use my time
If I want what’s mine
If I’m not working as hard as I can,
Imma fall behind.


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