Why Ballaxy Youth Programs?

Our programs are meant to not only prepare its members for life as basketball players but life as good human beings. Our members are taught to manage their self-doubt, motivation, and focus on multiple levels.

  • Home Games
  • 2 Team Practices Per Week
  • Advanced Shooter Training
  • Math and English Tutoring
  • Team Bonding Activities & Events
  • Away Games
  • Afforable Private Training
  • High School| Digital Skills Training
  • High School| Mentorship Program
  • High School| Entrepreneurship Program

Our Programs

Ballaxy Basketball is one of the leading specialty-based youth development organizations in the world, providing programs for the youth that build skills and character on and off the court.

ballaxy brandon 3rd grade
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ballaxy ben pham
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ballaxy viggo nguyen (1)
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ballaxy anthony tran (1)
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Business Opportunities & Partners

We frequently work alongside other companies and individuals with similar views and goals. Contact us to find out about ongoing and upcoming opportunities.



People take photos of the things that matter to them. Your photos are apart of your legacy and allow you to communicate and share it with the world. We take plenty of photos for players and parents to download directly from the website. Our videos are viewable on Ballaxy TV and other media outlets.

  • Short Notice Booking

    Need your shoot tomorrow? No problem. We can take bookings for as soon as 12 hours in advance.

  • Personal Photo Gallery

    After your shoot, you’ll receive a hosted private gallery where you can download digitals and order prints.

  • Low Cost Fixed Rates

    Potentially save thousands of dollars with our upfront rates that are simple and reasonable.

  • Amazing Service

    From your photographer, to our customer service and tech teams, we make sure you are well taken care of you.




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